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Business in China: Cultural Principles for Success

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China: Open for business 营业 Business in China | Canada has strong historical and political relationships with China that makes both countries a natural place for Canadians to do business.…

How to stay well-informed about strategic marketing, communications and public relations

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Staying well-informed on strategic marketing, communications, and public relations Strategic Marketing. Earlier this week, the national conference of the Canadian Public Relations Society concluded in Kelowna, British Columbia. A recap…

What We’ve Learned as a Marketing Agency Fusing PR, Biz Consulting

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As business practices change at an exponential pace so too has the evolution of the marketing agency. The “Mad Men” era of wine, whiskey and women is a faded memory…

MarTech and Digital Transformation in B2B and B2C Marketing

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Businesses are searching for technology that streamlines digital transformation. Marketing is no exception, in fact it’s the rule. If you are a marketing professional — especially a digital marketer — it…