Welcome to Photonic Public Relations Inc. We are an agency that specializes in integrating strategic planning, business development, public relations, and marketing to grow your business.

We help your brand be more successful and effective telling your story and building the culture engine for your organization. Have a look around the site to learn more.

We are an agency based in Victoria, BC focusing on thought-provoking messages, flawless design and business transformation to maximize your brand. We lead the alliance between strategic marketing, business consulting and public relations and specialize in digital marketing, creative advertising, and strategic planning. Our mission is helping you grow. We don’t just tell a great story — we help you optimize your business model and tell a story that sells.

Our goal is digital transformation — helping your organization integrate a smart strategy with leading tactics so your culture and messaging is both impactful and meaningful.

Our approach is guided by our dedication to digital transformation and solving your customer pains and gains, which allows us to create campaigns that inspire clients, customers, and stakeholders.

We offer a team of creative storytellers, professional marketers and experienced management consultants. It would be a pleasure to talk more about your business challenge and see how we can help you break into new markets, find more qualified customers, and enhance your reputation.