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Make digital transformation mean something. We are a PR & advertising agency in Victoria, BC that focuses on thought-provoking messages, flawless design and interactive videos to maximize your brand.
“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Wayne Gretzky
Avi Lambert


President / Founder

Avi founded Photonic in 2014 seeing the need to connect public relations, strategic marketing and business consulting. He’s an experienced leader and business model canvas trainer and coach.

Gina Wicentowich


Digital Strategist

Her Master’s Degree in Journalism complements her deep knowledge about how brands can operate to get new customers and create influence. She has the positive energy to make anyone smile.

Chris Richards


Content Specialist

Chris is currently a student of Camosun’s business program, working towards a specialization in marketing. At Photonic his work focuses on business strategies for inbound marketing.

Our Approach


Brands today need to keep their eyes and ears open at all times to what customers are saying. We advise on social media policy, digital brand management, and the implementation of social media marketing for events, brand voice development and more.


The most important component of brand management today is the opportunity to optimize content, in the context of search and online discovery. In other words, consistent measurement and demographic research gives our customers a competitive edge.


We are brand voice development experts. We advise on the revelation and development of unique voices and the enhancement or sweeting of existing brands, with a range of custom tailored content marketing services.


Digital marketing is not just for startups. Measurement is an essential service that illustrates how well your digital properties are performing. We provide ad-creative, art direction and ad buying for video, image and audio formats. As well we buy ads on Ad Words, Facebook, Twitter for PPC and SEO.

Our Method


We serve clients by seeing how their value proposition can better serve their ultimate customer. Using mixed methods for research about your brand, competitors, and opportunities we help you break new ground.


Our creative services deliver return-on-investment. Photonic doesn’t only get our customers noticed; we make one-on-one customer experiences glow. Our broad experience allows startups and businesses to increase their reputation and brand themselves more effectively.


From trademarks, incorporation and legal services to brand identity, culture mapping and developing new business models, our firm gives you an edge; to both scale your business and transform your inner brand.


The driving force of productivity makes culture change and digital transformation essential. Indeed both are intimate partners. Aligned with Facebook, Google, and Instagram closely, for this reason, we help companies get more value from social selling. We also deliver programs to change business operations to add value.

We are passionate about your success.

See what we can do in our work.

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Contact us about an incredible local sponsorship opportunity for Startups and Businesses in Victoria, British Columbia. We are looking for member companies of Viatec, the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce and Think Local Victoria that are interested in corporate sponsorships this summer at the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority’s Bites Brews Bands on the Barge. Deanna Young Promotions can also be reached for more information.
Chamber of VictoriaVIATEC Member
Photonics is the science and technology of generating, controlling and detecting photons which are particles of light. Photonics dominate our daily technologies, most prominently the Internet, broadband, WiFi, fiber optics and telecommunications. Photonics are found everywhere. The impact of Photonics has transformed many areas of everyday life from the most advanced sciences to daily habits. Photonics account for a vast range of scientific and technological applications, including laser manufacturing, biological and chemical sensing, medical diagnostics and therapy, display technology, and optical computing. In the short-term, LiFi, a new data sharing method which runs on visible light, has the potential to eclipse WiFi.

Light travels at about ten times the speed of conducted electricity, which means that data transmitted photonically can travel long distances in a fraction of the time of a traditional copper wire transmission. Imagine the way in which a digital campaign is shared globally on social media. A single optical fiber can carry three million telephone calls simultaneously. Just as the 20th century depended on electronics, the 21st century will depend on photonics. As we have written about previously, the growth of fiber optic offerings for residential and commercial internet are guaranteed to transform the Internet of Things. 2015 was the International Year of Photonics. On 20 December 2013, the UN General Assembly proclaimed 2015 as the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies.

There is no argument. Mobile and cloud is forever. We believe business people in b2b and b2c use technology. Saying that tech is popular is an understatement. We specialize in strategy and business.
Digital transformation is about the shiny tool. Mobile, IoT and Virtual Reality are new entertainment platforms used for storytelling. People consume information on their devices. Make those experiences memorable, convenient, easy to use, attractive even. Put simply, marketing campaigns approaching each social platform channel differently, for your brand voice, do better. It’s a sales and reputation equation.
Hire us! In the meantime enjoy this infographic about brand storytelling.

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