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Business Consulting in Victoria, BC to strengthen business processes and value propositions for entrepreneurs, business owners in multiple industries, and startup leaders. We offer seasoned executive training and facilitation with the Business Model and Value Proposition Canvas method, as well as design thinking and human-centered design. Our business coaches research, analyze and bring into the rational conversation new areas of critical performance based on the main pain points, cultural strengths and weakness or issues based on digital innovation. These key components include marketing strategy, company brand, competitive advantage, business model, and sales funnel to give you an edge.

Our business consultants have tackled diverse challenges in numerous market verticals. The foundation of our expertise is experience working with a number of global leaders on the topic of Business Model Canvas coaching. It is a well-established concept that analyzes the cultural resonance, revenue model and complexity of your business on a simplified visual graphic. The method is used to describe, design, challenge and pivot your business based on industry trends and evolving customer expectations.

Business Consulting Victoria BC

A recent study by Simon Kucher & Partners found that 72% of new products and services introduced to the market fail to deliver on expectations. This statistic is alarming for business owners, entrepreneurs, and startup innovators because it demonstrates that emerging products are not valuable for target consumers.

Our main goal is to target not only what your customers want, and how to deliver it in a compelling way but to connect this via enhanced team collaboration processes, consistent research, optimization and analysis and the momentum needed for effective brand storytelling.

Business Consulting Victoria BC

We offer additional value with extensive market research, followed by a thorough assessment of your business’ financial viability. Also, our approach is personalized and unique for every individual client. For the inception of startups, we craft a solid business plan using it to structure your business and seek possible sources of funding. For established Fortune 1000 enterprise, we work to get your colleagues, executive board, and staff in the same room to prototype new ideas for rapid growth.

We are comfortable facilitating design-thinking brainstorming sessions in person and remotely over video-conferences. Our training packages can be combined with the services of graphic facilitators we work with, to ensure the investment in prototyping new ideas offers more lasting value, to get the ideas discussed in the meetings down on paper. Doing so provides an outstanding asset for marketing and sales.