Business Model Generation Canvas Trainer

Business Model Canvas Trainer

This is not the first post about the business model canvas generation method. Having said that,  I’m taking a masterclass in business model canvas training this coming December. I’m looking forward to it. This post serves to refresh my own memory about the value of this method, and it should be an enjoyable means of showing you the value of the business model generation method along the way.

I train and coach companies, small business and enterprise. The process of working together with clients to uncover insights is remarkable. I’m grateful for the chance to learn about new industries.  Also, I enjoy sharing the method helping clients reveal the most important building blocks that make today’s modern businesses successful. In multiple verticals the business model canvas method is appropriate. This flexibility is where the method really shines, in my opinion.

Through executive training, meeting facilitation, data management and structured reporting, clients have gained  the benefit not only of amplifying and prototyping collective ideas. With data from the meeting in the cloud, in the Strategyzer app, canvases that represent new growth opportunities can remain energized for many months. I believe It is useful to have a touchstone to inspire your business.

Since the release of the business model canvas book in 2008, written by Alex Osterwalder, the method has grown around the globe. It has been quite incredible to notice the rise of multiple canvases for developing and improving business processes and risk. Being invited to the Startup Weekend at the Via Tech Accelerator some years ago illustrated the popularity of the canvas in the Startup space. Over the years alongside Alex’s method, it has been fascinating to observe the parallel growth of additional canvas based business development methods. I have made an effort to track the canvas lexicon with a paper, called the Canvas Collider. The Lean Startup by Eric Reis, Startup Tools by Steve Blank and the Kanban method are popular, needless to say.

I’ve attached an additional video that I have used in meetings to get the participants into a creative mindspace.  One final note, in full disclosure I’m a Stragezyer partner. I have used the app with clients in the past. Thanks for checking out the blog.






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