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BC Tech Summit: What Happened and What Inspired Our Team

With over 5,000 innovators in attendance, the BC Tech Summit proved just how unified the province’s entrepreneurs are. The BC Tech Summit was filled with a palpable desire for innovators to connect and share their stories. This desire to connect and collaborate is what makes the province’s technology sector one of Canada’s most successful and […]

Content Curation

Content Marketing You know the story you want to tell, what your audience appreciates, and have a good business model in place. In order to discover new leads you want to get visitors and customers as soon as possible, right? Content marketing is the most successful metaphor for the reliable co-ordination of community management and interaction. […]

Digital Collaboration

In our experience many professionals still lack a productive awareness of digital collaboration, which is the impetus for this post. Sharing information has transformed over the many years that humans have sought first to share insights and the human experience with stories. That’s slightly romantic. Bluntly speaking, social media is ubiquitous these days and it can be hard to make sense of it all.

Business Model Development, Lean Startups and Growth Hacking

The Business Model Canvas Managing a successful business requires allocating your resources to key areas and setting the stage for growth. The purpose of this post is to touch on two business model methods and speak about how these techniques are a real boon for those looking to leverage smart marketing for their business. Regardless […]

Web of Change 2012

I had the pleasure of attending the Web of Change 2012 conference at Hollyhock on Cortez Island this year. Below is a list of attendees. The conference was an incredible resource for concepts and practical examples showing the connection between social change and social media. Let’s look at geek-speak for a second: there are many […]

CPRS 2012 Live Tweeting & Blogging Roundup

  This post is a personal roundup of my story coordinating the live tweeting and live blogging effort at Currents 2012 | Courants 2012, the national conference for the Canadian Public Relations Society | Société Canadienne des Relations Publiques. As a volunteer with the communications and marketing volunteer committee I managed the Facebook page for […]