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The Business Model Canvas method can be applied to any business, of any size, at any stage. Agile by its very nature, the method is a journey during which executives and colleagues provide input, together, on new ideas for a business in a creative process after which rigorous testing to prove out these new value propositions takes place.

Chief Culture Officer | How Can This Role Help Your Business

There is a new, indispensable seat in the C-suite: the Chief Culture Officer. Companies around the world including Google, Microsoft and Lululemon are hiring a CCO to incite passionate and positive team culture, a move that is inevitably centred around enhancing corporate brand identity to increase sales and productivity. So what is a Chief Culture Officer? […]

Telus’ Future Home Event Speaks to the Growth of IoT in Canada

In October, this coming fall, I will be speaking about the business models behind the coming wave of the Internet of Things ( IoT). Telus’ new fiber optic event, the Future Home, gives us a chance to dig into the business models and value propositions in the IoT space. Exemplifying the timeliness of talking about […]

Business Model Generation Canvas Trainer

Business Model Canvas Trainer This is not the first post about the business model canvas generation method. Having said that,  I’m taking a masterclass in business model canvas training this coming December. I’m looking forward to it. This post serves to refresh my own memory about the value of this method, and it should be an […]

Business Model Development, Lean Startups and Growth Hacking

The Business Model Canvas Managing a successful business requires allocating your resources to key areas and setting the stage for growth. The purpose of this post is to touch on two business model methods and speak about how these techniques are a real boon for those looking to leverage smart marketing for their business. Regardless […]