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Social Marketing Automation

Inbound or Outbound Social Surrounds Posts aren't usually written that try to pin down buzzwords. But there it is. That's what this post is about. The necessity of writing this post came from an experience tonight, organized by the Victoria chapter of the Canadian Public Relations Society. I was a speed mentor at an event for Non-Profits hosted by the...

Semantic and Programmatic Web – the Flipside of Content Marketing

Moving Beyond the Buzzword Let's look more closely at content marketing. Is there a flip side of the coin where effective content marketing is concerned that needs to be addressed for digital marketers and chief marketing officers? We believe so, because of this: The flip side of content marketing is the semantic and programmatic web. Here are two good descriptions of the...

NFC stickers vs QR Codes

NFC means near-field-communication. NFC will change the way that traditional media channels connect with the internet and broadband connected gadgets like mobile smart phones and tablets. All print media - stickers, posters, flyers, cards and decals - all are able to use NFC. But what is NFC and how does it compare with the QR Code?

Photo Ban Lifted for 9-year old Martha Payne

 Precocious 9 year old 9 year old Martha Payne writes a blog about school dinners ( which are lunch to kids across the pond in North America). Her blog is NeverSeconds. She has received recent and frequent international media attention because of a rather large mistake by her local council, which put a legal gag on her ability to photo-blog...