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The Week in Review, March 24

Our Week in Review outlines the most valuable discussions surrounding Breaking News, Strategic Marketing, Business Consulting and Social Media Marketing. This week we discuss the articles that inspired, informed and enlightened us. Breaking News Keystone Pipeline Gets Approval From President Trump Proposed Healthcare Bill Leaves Republicans Scrambling Terrorist Attack Leaves London Shaken Russian President Meets With French Presidential Candidate Marine Le Pen BC Consumers View...

The Week in Review, Feb 10

Happy Friday everyone! It’s been a chilly week for us on the west coast with the arrival of our surprise winter storm, but we managed to make it through. As we are about to enjoy our long weekend, let’s take a look at some of the big news stories and Public Relations trends from this past week. News Vancouver and Vancouver...

The Political Economy of Open and Closed Data

It may be that the data doesn't matter very much. In other words, I believe what is done with public and private data is the crucial consideration to make. What has been scrubbed by PRISM and other programs that collect, distribute and store our conversations and media give rise to the true political economics of open and closed data.

The Fight for Open Data Standards and Open Government

The online experience is often talked of in terms of devices - desktops, laptops and mobile - but it would not be seamless without web standards. The myriad of online services - entertainment, social media, e-commerce to name a few - function the same across devices and their associated platform operating systems because of a standardized underlying code structure....

Participatory Budgeting – Live Online Public Input – Aug 29

#YYJBudget is the hashtag created for Victoria, BC councillor Lisa Helps' effort to encourage public participation in the ongoing budgeting process at the City of Victoria.