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Q1 2017 Instagram Trends

Instagram is arguably the most influential of all the major social media channels, with a recent Google study finding that it is the most widely used platform by Gen Z. Instagram is known as being the “hip” and “cool” platform, and it is no surprise that businesses see it as an opportune channel to visually […]

Q1 2017 Strategic Marketing Trends

As the first quarter of 2017 draws to a close marketing agency owners must look back at the recent changes over the last 3 months of the new year and reflect upon the significant Q1 2017 Strategic Marketing Trends in the industry. There are no real surprises reflected in our research over the last three months, […]

Q1 2017 Business Consulting Trends

As the first quarter of 2017 draws to a close while corporate tax is being completed, business consultants must reflect upon the Q1 2017 Business Consulting Trends that have emerged over the last few months. Emerging technologies are driving companies to increase investment in online tools, resulting in the digital transformation of many brands. The […]

What is a Chief Customer Officer; and why you need one

CCO: Chief Customer Officer Jeanne Bliss, a pioneer and expert in the role of Chief Customer Officer (CCO) says that in order to have a successful organization, businesses must “put the customer at the center of the business and unite the leadership team in a one company way of thinking about growing differently… And they must […]

How to stay productive throughout the summer

  Summertime Productivity Being productive in the workplace is important as it allows you to reach your organization’s goals quickly with little-added stress. To increase productivity, you either need to increase the amount of work you do or decrease the amount of time it takes you to accomplish tasks. A productive workplace is one where managers […]

Top Ten Reasons For the CIO

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The PR Discipline in Focus: CRO

There was an age before the internet that you might remember, in which the Yellow Pages held a firm grasp on certain kinds of household needs and business concerns; the questions now being asked on search engines. Thus we have the idea of brands offering services to the customer, at the exact moment when a […]

Social HR and the Semantic Web

Contemporary HR is Social Finding talent in today’s marketplace is not as easy as searching Google. But it’s pretty close. The conversation initiated by broad social media adoption has reverberated through HR and many other areas of the C-suite. The point of this short post is to touch on the ways that today’s semantic web platforms […]


The rise of twitter chats, live streaming web services and Google hangouts were discussed in a previous post on live social media. These mass peer-to-peer media altogether represent one of the most useful forms of community generation, brand reputation and content marketing today. The further benefit of these crowdsourcing media that can be addressed because we’ve talked about modern audience expectations is that crowdsourcing media satisfies the active-rather-than-passive media-itch that many people possess. Thus, crowdsourcing represents not merely a trendy new tactic for brands to implement. Doing tweetchats, setting up webinars, live streaming are characteristic of modern socially-embedded brands.