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Q1 2017 Instagram Trends

Instagram is arguably the most influential of all the major social media channels, with a recent Google study finding that it is the most widely used platform by Gen Z. Instagram is known as being the “hip” and “cool” platform, and it is no surprise that businesses see it as an opportune channel to visually […]

Why Growth Hacking for Startups Is Best Marketing Strategy for 2017

Growth hacking for startups ensures you reach the right people, through the right message, to meet your startup goals — quickly. Growth hackers, using their knowledge of product and distribution, find ingenious, technology-based, avenues for growth that sometimes push the bounds of what is expected or advised. Think of them as marketing scientists. Growth hackers […]

Understanding Hashtags Simply

Hashtags are normative. Let’s explore the reasons why this social media tactic is compelling, including touch points about SEO/SEM and local marketing.

Why Mobile?

On both the retailer and customer side of the equation, mobile is increasing in importance. The issue of the most recent PRSA magazine The Strategist explores this point much better than this post. But why mobile? I think the answer will become obvious, at the least to anyone who wants to know how to build on […]


The rise of twitter chats, live streaming web services and Google hangouts were discussed in a previous post on live social media. These mass peer-to-peer media altogether represent one of the most useful forms of community generation, brand reputation and content marketing today. The further benefit of these crowdsourcing media that can be addressed because we’ve talked about modern audience expectations is that crowdsourcing media satisfies the active-rather-than-passive media-itch that many people possess. Thus, crowdsourcing represents not merely a trendy new tactic for brands to implement. Doing tweetchats, setting up webinars, live streaming are characteristic of modern socially-embedded brands.

Meatball Sundae

Much has changed since Godin wrote about the New Marketing. In Q2 2012, the idea of new marketing isn’t so new at all anymore. On that note, if you’re not part of the social conversation as an individual, organization or business you are seen, by the public, your audience, as a dinosaur. On another level, looking […]

Photo Ban Lifted for 9-year old Martha Payne

 Precocious 9 year old 9 year old Martha Payne writes a blog about school dinners ( which are lunch to kids across the pond in North America). Her blog is NeverSeconds. She has received recent and frequent international media attention because of a rather large mistake by her local council, which put a legal gag […]