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Social Marketing Automation

Inbound or Outbound Social Surrounds Posts aren’t usually written that try to pin down buzzwords. But there it is. That’s what this post is about. The necessity of writing this post came from an experience tonight, organized by the Victoria chapter of the Canadian Public Relations Society. I was a speed mentor at an event […]

Understanding Hashtags Simply

Hashtags are normative. Let’s explore the reasons why this social media tactic is compelling, including touch points about SEO/SEM and local marketing.

Live Social Media

There is an abundance of new platforms, services and hardware making it easier to live tweet, live blog, and stream live video along with sharing images on the fly. This article delves into some key ideas behind the growth of live social media and explores platforms and services that are enabling live social media.

Digital Collaboration

In our experience many professionals still lack a productive awareness of digital collaboration, which is the impetus for this post. Sharing information has transformed over the many years that humans have sought first to share insights and the human experience with stories. That’s slightly romantic. Bluntly speaking, social media is ubiquitous these days and it can be hard to make sense of it all.

NFC stickers vs QR Codes

NFC means near-field-communication. NFC will change the way that traditional media channels connect with the internet and broadband connected gadgets like mobile smart phones and tablets. All print media – stickers, posters, flyers, cards and decals – all are able to use NFC. But what is NFC and how does it compare with the QR Code?