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How to stay well-informed about strategic marketing, communications and public relations


Staying well-informed on strategic marketing, communications, and public relations

Strategic Marketing. Earlier this week, the national conference of the Canadian Public Relations Society concluded in Kelowna, British Columbia. A recap of the first two days of the conference can be found here. As well, a detailed recap of the conference can be found on LinkedIN. There is nothing like learning from people in your industry, to see the nature of the industry you work in together. That said, and also, participating in professional development and networking can be energizing. This post is aimed at opening a discussion about the ways professional communicators can learn today in the age of search, online learning management, and social networking platforms.

Put simply, there has never been a time in the history of the world where so much content is at our fingertips. However, some content is better than others. On that point, to stay well-informed, we have to be specific about the content we are going to qualify as legitimate and credible. It is always worth asking the question, what is the author’s point-of-view? Answering this when reading an article is one thing but when it’s a Twitter chat how do you check the POV?

Professional communicators today gather reputation and trust signals today about content marketing not only from the author but from the larger community surrounding the discussion. In other words, some groups on LinkedIN, Facebook, and Google Plus are more spammy than others. Also who shares the content you view in your network nudges the value of the content up or down. There are social factors to content consumption. Mary Meeker’s recent analysis of trends on the web in 2017 is crucial. Her slides are picture below. This also suggests something about the information we gather today, that keeps us disciplined. And while information has never been so closely tied to our social relationships, how do you get information outside your network? You can go to a library. Or take a university course. Or you can improve the way you find practical content online.


An Abundance of Digital Transformation

In the last decade, Clay Shirky made his eponymous statement about finding and consuming online content. It was like drinking from the firehose. Truly, there is so much content it can be overwhelming to find the best kind. And, while some platforms and online outlets provide consistent quality, over time you may want to look around to ensure you’re getting all the facts. Brands today have to make an effort to change what they produce to provide relevant insights to users, what they’re searching for, and write about where the industry is going. On that point, a talk by Jean Valin at the recent Illuminate 2017 conference showed, along with the Twitter chat calendar below, at Photonic we believe one near-future trend in professional communications among the numerous pressures on the industry to adapt, is that there is going be a lot more science in the art of strategic communications.

Twitter Chat Calendar for Strategic Marketing, Communications, and Public Relations

Twitter is a news platform. For the purpose of scholarship, it is better than other platforms for the convergence of global communications on suitable topics for professional communication. Add this calendar to your own by the + button.



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