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Much has changed since Godin wrote about the New Marketing. In Q2 2012, the idea of new marketing isn’t so new at all anymore. On that note, if you’re not part of the social conversation as an individual, organization or business you are seen, by the public, your audience, as a dinosaur. On another level, looking at this quote from the angle of those already applying social media management and social strategy affords the ability to see the forest for the trees. Join the conversation: #SMuptake


Seth Godin is an extremely relevant leader promoting authentic engagement with social media and social strategy within the C-suite. The importance of getting buy-in around social media from CEO’s is tied to the growing changes in society and culture that have been mentioned elsewhere on the site. You can also back up the need for getting your CEO to take social media and stronger online customer relationship management with recent data about online and mobile demographics.


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