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Why Mobile?


On both the retailer and customer side of the equation, mobile is increasing in importance. The issue of the most recent PRSA magazine The Strategist explores this point much better than this post. But why mobile? I think the answer will become obvious, at the least to anyone who wants to know how to build on the platform where customers and businesses are meeting face to face everyday.

Telling your story on smartphones is something you now need to think about perhaps with more attention. You want your website, promotional and marketing collateral to be appealing. You also want to know who’s responding to and engaging with your content. When you can also provide your audience with something that’s surprising and accessible, you’re on the ball.

Mobile app development and the growth of the global technology industry, of which screen dimensions are a crucial component, are significant macronomic factors affecting businesses, organizations and institutions of all kinds. Executives in the C-suite have to not only think about the social marketplace but the marketplace of devices.

Events like StartUp Weekend, Mobile Innovations @ Discovery and Digiday’s Mobile Innovation Camp exemplify that the need for mobile is not just a fad. And the need to unpack what this means will be sure to get more interesting as new technologies come online, like Google Glass 2 or Oculus, devices intended to make people’s use of the internet much more personally integrated. Drawing back from that cerebral consideration,  in real terms, today’s marketplace is one in which people are buying stock in Twitter shares, and at the same time using a myriad of broadband connected smart devices.

Mobile is important to consider because the scale of adoption and diffusion is striking. When is the last time a game changing technology has initiated such a series of social, cultural, economic and ethical changes in modern life? People are using smartphones, across a wide demographic for many different reasons. On the lighter side toddlers and novogenarians are both using smartphones for the first time. These demographic trends aside, merely look at the growth of responsive web design.  The 2nd Annual Live Responsive Web Design Conference looks interesting. But I digress, the aim of this post has been to seed the desire to ask questions.

Two interesting lists on the topic via List.ly. Finally, for those wanting to read more, and answer the question versus the desktop web this article about Mobile App development by Heidi Cohen is useful.



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