The Week Ahead, April 17

Our Week Ahead analyzes the latest strategic marketing and business consulting trends including understanding public relations angles on current news.

This week, we're focusing on strategic ways to garner pubic interest instead of relying on Facebook advertising. Here's the other big stories we are following:

Breaking News

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Strategic Marketing

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Business Consulting

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This week, we will be looking at the value of press releases as a strategic method of raising awareness and positioning messages to lure venture capitalists and funders.

Facebook ads cost

Press releases are the most under-utilized yet cost-effective way to communicate a message to thousands of people. Even better than Facebook advertising.

As you are probably aware, when running a pay-per-click campaign using Facebook ads, costs can quickly spiral out of control. And the cost is rising.

The average price for a Facebook campaign rose by 220% from 2015 to 2016 and the pattern is expected to stay the same for 2017.

In contrast, press releases cost very little to distribute. They provide immense value, especially when you consider the potential visibility of your press release.

Instead of being restricted to one platform (Facebook), you have the option of sharing your press release on however many websites that you choose.

Given that most small businesses are operated with a limited budget, a well-crafted press release can deliver a much higher value per dollar than most high value Facebook ads.

Continue reading about the value of press releases for your business.





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