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Reputation Management services to enhance your brand’s position in the marketplace.

Digital Reputation Management

Our strategy involves careful analyzation of your brand’s digital reputation, from search engine rankings to reviews from past customers. During this process, we will push positive reviews up in the rankings while pushing negative listings down until they are off the first page entirely, ensuring they remain out of sight from potential clients.

When your brand experiences unique events as a result of unprecedented positive exposure, our team will distribute press releases to relevant channels. Sharing positive news with a wider public ensures that your business receives recognition from a network of authoritative domains that are well-respected, established entities in the industry. These rank quickly and often last on the rankings for a significant amount of time.

Reputation Management Victoria BC

Don’t think of reputation management as disaster cleanup—think of it as one of the most powerful marketing tools available to you. Reputation marketing not only gives you control over your brand identity across digital platforms, but it also provides you with the tools that can help you cultivate the kind of brand awareness that engages consumers and drives conversions. We operate with the belief that building a strong digital reputation begins with establishing emotional connections with your potential customers. We don’t just push negative listings to the bottom of the search rankings—we help you add value to your business and brand.

Rebuild your brand with our targeted, unique digital content, spread across multiple platforms. We help our clients by giving them the tools to help control their image, brand, and good name.

Thought Leadership

The value of inbound marketing for people searching for the services or products your business offers simply cannot be ignored. Working best for corporations, startups, and medium-sized firms that have already invested in messaging and communications plans, these services build on the foundational aspect of communications and marketing today: being relevant and discoverable at the correct moment. Our thought leadership training, implementation, and delivery are valuable for many in the executive team: the CEO, Sales, and Marketing Directors.

Thought Leadership Consulting Victoria BC

Effective thought leadership is an active component of reputation today, because of social selling. But, you may ask, what is social selling? The sea change that has occurred because of platforms like Facebook, LinkedIN and Twitter means that creating compelling content is essential. Especially when sales and marketing employees seek to target specific audiences, an intelligent and strategic plan to test and curate content works much better than sharing content without the valuable pieces in place.

Policy Creation and Team Training 

The above thought leadership description leads nicely into this section of services, which is more focused on workplace culture, productivity, and accountability. We can help you draft Social Media Policies, which cement message tone, voice, and style, along with stop words and what to do in the case of emergency. We also help deliver programs for internal cultural policies for communication and messaging to support teams with productivity, collaboration, and training on new projects, applications, and programs. Another term for this type of work is change management. We are comfortable working with teams both small and large.

Team Training Victoria BC