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Trends this Week, Feb 14


Hello, and happy Valentine’s Day! We hope that all of our BC readers enjoyed their long weekend, and are ready for the week ahead! Below please find several important news stories and trends for this week.


National Security Advisor to the President has Resigned Following Allegations of Communicating with Russian Officials Before the Inauguration

Justin Trudeau has met with Donald Trump for the First Official Meeting Between the Two Heads of State

Playboy Magazine has Reversed Last Year’s Decision on Featuring Nudity in their Magazine

North Korean Leaders Brother Assassinated in Malaysian Airport

Tech Startup Magic Leap Executive Sued over Alleged Sexism and Misleading Marketing

Strategic Marketing

Content Marketing Strategies that are Proving Dominant in 2017

Public Relations Lessons to be Learned from Disney’s “Dumping” of Youtube Star, Pewdiepie

Live Video Broadcasting part of GM’s New Content Marketing Strategy

Make Sure You’re Advertising doesn’t Become “Cringey”

Business Consulting

Why Individuals and Businesses Should Not Go In Alone

Interpublic Advertising Making the Shift to Business Consulting

Cloud Computing and Blockchain Major Factors in Digital Consulting

A Strategic Crisis Consulting Plan for The White House

The Importance of Having a Chief Culture Officer for your Business



Edelman recently released a Canadian version of the 2017 trust barometer, a must-read for marketers and public affairs pros.


Valentine’s Day 2017


Happy Valentine’s Day! Love is definitely in the air. Here is some of our favourite Valentine’s themed content from around the Internet:

W.E. Can Lead’s Campaign: Win a Date with Idris Elba

Burger King (France): Valentine’s Day Cup

Snickers Interactive “Forgetful” Campaign Shown In London’s Waterloo

will you be my valentine? ❤⚘

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How to Find Love in Victoria, BC








Have a great week, we look forward to catching up with you in our Week in Review.



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