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The Week Ahead, April 24

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Today, in the Week Ahead for April 24th, we analyze the latest strategic marketing and business consulting trends including understanding the public relations angle on current news.

Breaking News

French Voters Choose Change – But Which Type?

Trump Risks Government Shutdown If He Doesn’t Relent On Border Wall

China Urges Restraint As American Strike Force Nears Korean Peninsula

Victoria Council Votes for 15-Percent Foreign Buyer’s Tax

Calgary Mother Posts Photos Of Dying Son To Deter Fentanyl Use

Strategic Marketing

Facebook Developing Technology To Harness Brain Waves

Mobile Marketing More Than Facebook And Google

Four Industries Getting The Most ROI From Digital Marketing

How Marketers Can Help Protect Their Firm From a Cybersecurity Attack

Expert Digital Marketing Tips For Small And Medium Sized Businesses

Business Consulting

New Microsoft Tools Integrate Linkedin Data Directly Into Dynamics 365

Getting A Start As A Consultant To Companies

Is Your Company’s Crisis Communications Plan Prepared for Cybersecurity Incidents?

Microsoft “Nerfs” It’s Social Selling Program

Reasons Online Press Releases Perform Better Than Ads


This week we will be looking at the difference between the marketing needs for an established business versus the needs of a new business looking to make an impression on consumers.

An established business with a solid customer base is most likely less concerned with mass visibility than a business that is just starting out. The established business may not be as interested in CPC campaigns using Adwords or Facebook Advertising. Instead, they may wish to focus on developing organic traffic using inbound marketing strategies. A new company, however, probably wants to gain as much awareness as possible, making CPC advertising a more strategic option.

But, new companies need to be aware of all aspects of CPC advertising. It is becoming increasingly difficult for smaller firms to use Adwords and Facebook Advertising, without shelling out huge amounts of money. However, new businesses can attempt to lower the cost of their paid advertising campaigns by creating relevant content which in turn raises their ad score, lowering the CPC of the advertisement.

Established and new businesses alike, both need to understand the value of communication and efficiency on a company-wide scale. Luckily, there a variety of tools that help us communicate and manage our time well. In marketing, this is referred to as a marketing stack. It is a list of the software that a company uses in order to manage productivity and make sure that all members of a team are on the same page.

No matter what stage of the business lifecycle a company we do the proper research, analysis, and development to meet your business goals.





Instagram down briefly

Earlier this morning, Instagram was down for approximately an hour. While the issue was relatively minor, and service was restored quickly, it is interesting to note how quickly consumers took note of the issue and got the topic trending on Twitter. Outages like this only serve to highlight the awareness of modern consumers.





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